Adding widgets to a global homepage will redirect the user to a new homepage with prefix My HOME_PAGE_NAME

End users are not allowed to edit the widgets/layout of the global homepage.

Even for an admin user, editing a global homepage is not allowed.


Step 1: Login as an itil user.

Step 2: Select any global homepage

Step 3: Click on Add Content, and add any widget to the homepage.

Step 4: Close the Add Content pop up, and check the page title.

Step 5: The page title now has a suffix My

Step 6: Reload the page. The page reverts to the global homepage, and the widgets added are no longer visible. Actually, the page exists.

Step 7: Click on Switch to Page drop-down, and search for the same homepage starting with My. Upon loading the page, the added widget is visible.


This is an expected behavior of the platform.

The reason end user/admins are not allowed to edit global homepages is because there are other users viewing the same homepage, and it might affect their homepage & dashboard.

Applicable Versions

Kingston Patch 9, London Patch 2


This is totally dependent on the customer, and customer might need to get approval from their end to go ahead with the changes.

Step 1: Find the global page in sys_portal_page.list

Step 2: Assign a user to the global homepage.

Step 3: Login as the specific user, and make the necessary changes to the homepage.

Step 4: Login as admin, and remove the user form the homepage to make it global again.

The changes will now reflect globally.



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