Go to HR service portal, and click on "View All" requests, you will see request description is repeated 2 times on the links.


Any supported release.


Following widget, renders the HR case header menu via below code.

HRJ Task Header (https://<Instance Name>

function getDescription(recordInfo) {
var util = new hr_PortalUtil();

var hrTables = new GlideTableHierarchy(recordInfo.sys_class_name).getTables();

if (hrTables.indexOf('sn_hr_core_case') > -1) {
var grCase = new GlideRecord(recordInfo.sys_class_name);
var caseExists = grCase.get(recordInfo.sys_id);

if (caseExists) {
util = new hr_PortalUtil(grCase);
return util.getCaseTitle();

Above code invokes below script include method to get the description to display on the menu,

hr_PortalUtil(https://<Instance Name>

getCaseTitle: function() {
var title = this._getTitleFromCaseConfiguration(this._gr, this._caseConfigForTicketPage);
if (!gs.nil(title))
return title;

In the above code, _getTitleFromCaseConfiguration function refers below configurations,

HR Service Based Case Configurations

https://<Instance Name>
https:/<Instance Name>

These configurations are set with hr_service,,short_description to display on the portal for menu items.

Since the HR service and short description has almost same data, it appears as redundant data on the portal.


Please change above configurations so that you have either,

  • hr_service, OR

Additional Information

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Script Include

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