When trying to set a target colour scheme for an indicator, the target colour does not get applied based on the value of the column being on, above or below the target. This works instead for the same indicator on Scores, not for Time series.

The documentation is not specific about the target colour scheme being applied, only that setting a colour or scheme on time series will overwrite the default:

Create a line visualization for a time series widget

Steps to Reproduce

  1. Navigate to the "Incident management" dashboard.
  2. Select the default widget "Open incidents"
  • Change the Visualization to Column Chart.
  • Set "Show Target" to true.
  • Create a new target for the indicator "Number of open incidents":
  1. Choose the "5 color traffic light" scheme.
  • Set a date in the page.
  • Set a target value of 35 or any value between the highest and lowest on your graph, so you can confirm the coloring.
  • Refresh the dashboard and observe that the "Basic Indicators" widget applies the colours while the "Open incidents" widget does not.


This is expected behaviour and by design. Charts are not colored based on the target value, only lists and single scores will be.

In order to alleviate the issue, "Show Target" can be set to true on the widget, so to show a line where the target is, and see if the graph meets the line or not.

Related Problem: PRB1315496

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