Within the Project module, there is a check whether the Percent Complete value is between 0-100. When a number like 75,25 is used, the getDecimal function within a client script does not take into account the FI notation.
System Properties -> System localization set the system's default locale to fi.FI

Steps to Reproduce


1) Under System Properties -> System localization set the system's default locale to fi.FI
2) Relogin and make sure your user is set to Default/system locale - so that fi.FI applies and the comma notation is used as separator in numbers. ie: 5.000,75

3) Create a new project like I created with name "Test1", add the necessary details --> Save

4) Create a project task (name as "task1")under project "Test1" --> Save

5) Create another sub-project task (name "task1.1") under project task "task1", with percent value as 55,25) --> Save it. Percent value looks fine.

6)Note the Percent complete is correctly set to 55,25 for Parent task "Task1" in my case.

7) Update the record by adding a work note with 'Test' and save the record.

The following error appears; Percent Complete must be between 0 and 100

Observation: In Istanbul sub-task even shows error while saving percentage like 55,25. It doesn't allow to save pecentage "55,25' even in sub-task unlike Helsinki.
Attached snapshots.

With above settings, when we are calling getDecimalValue for percent_complete decimal field it is returning incorrect value.
E.g. For 55,25 it returns 5525


There is no workaround for this issue.

Related Problem: PRB754027

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