The error below occurs when building a Related Condition from a TPC extended table using a reference field defined on the parent table:
"Syntax Error or Access Rule Violation detected by database (Unknown column 'sj0.parent' in 'on clause')"

SQL debug shows a JOIN operation for the reference field on the table used for the related condition instead of its parent table where the field is defined.

Steps to Reproduce


1) Check that the List V3 plugin is active.
2) In case you installed and activated List V3, you have to log out and log in again for the change to take effect.
3) Download the attached update set file sys_remote_update_set_cc96f42ddb4287006dce5665dc961964.xml.
4) Load, Preview and Commit the update set on the instance. This installs two tables, parent and child, extended using TPC and a reference field to the parent table.
5) Go to tpc_base.list, expand the filter, expand the section "RELATED LIST CONDITIONS".
6) On related list conditions, select the option "Tpc Child->Parent".
7) Set any filter, for example: Created On Today.
8) Run the filter. Observe the below error and no results displayed.
"Error Message Syntax Error or Access Rule Violation detected by database (Unknown column 'sj0.parent' in 'on clause')"


This problem is under review. No workaround or back-porting patches are available for the current versions. You can Subscribe to this article to receive notifications when more information will become available.
Further, List v3 is now deprecated and no longer supported. We advise using List v2 and not activating the List v3 plugin. A more performant and feature complete solution is under development a new list component has been introduced in limited form with the Agent Workspace in London.

Related Problem: PRB1203858

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