Requested Item gives a dirty page warning when the list collector selected items are not added in alphabetical order in service portal.


Steps to Reproduce


1. Login in as Administrator.
2. Make sure to have a catalog item with List collector as variable or import the attached update set.
3. Go to the Service Portal homepage /sp .
4. Click on the Service Catalog in the top right corner.
5. Search for the catalog item in step 2.
6. Fill the list collector without following alphabetical order.
7. Save the form.
8. Open the created requested item form.
9. Reload the form making sure to have the default view or any view which contains Variable Editor on the form.

Notice the list collector is changed and the dirty form warning is shown.


This is expected behaviour. The form becomes dirty because, when the variable is populated in the requested item form, it automatically reorders alphabetically. This is consistent with the form behaviour when using the 'Try it' UI Action and creating the requested Item through the form, instead of ordering it from the Service Portal.


Related Problem: PRB1248197

Seen In

Jakarta Patch 6
Kingston Patch 1

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