Catalog UI Policy : Configure label of "Applied on catalog item view" throws error "Cannot read property 'getName' of null".

Steps to Reproduce

1 - Login in as administrator.
2 - Open any existing Catalog UI Policy.
3 - Open the browser console.
4 - Click on Advance view.
5 - Right click and configure label for one of the below checkboxes:
 - Applies on a Catalog Item view
 - Applies on Catalog Tasks
 - Applies on Requested Items

Notice the error thrown in the console :
Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'getName' of null

The Issue does not occur on a new record form of Catalog UI policy.


This problem is under review and targeted to be fixed in a future release. No workaround or back-porting patches are available for the current versions. You can Subscribe to this article to receive notifications when more information will become available.

Related Problem: PRB1253689

Seen In

Helsinki Patch 4

Fixed In

New York

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