List v3 has an option to "Manage Filters", which takes the user to a list with all filters, even the ones that are not available to the user. Because there is a Filter role restricted to admin, the breadcrumb filter is not available for non-admin, resulting in the users having to find the filters that are only available to them by clicking on next page multiple times.

Steps to Reproduce


1) Check that the instance has the List v3 plugin activated.
2) Impersonate an ITIL user.
3) Navigate to any list (i.e. incident.list).
4) Expand the filter breadcrumb and click on "Load Filter".
5) On this pop up window, click on "Manage Filters" to open the sys_filter.list .
Notice this lists all filters. The ones that are not available to ITIL will be restricted (message "Security contraints....") as expected. There is an OOB filter role on sys_filter to restrict it to 'admin' only. As a result, the ITIL user has to keep clicking on the next page just to find the ones that are available, because the breadcrumbs can not be used.


This issue has been identified as a future product enhancement, being List v3 deprecated and no longer supported. The ACL restriction message is due to the fact that by design there is no default query applied when using"Manage Filters".
As a workaround, if List v3 is already active on the instance, open up the filter roles on sys_filter so that the users can filter more easily having access to breadcrumbs.


Related Problem: PRB759450

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