ServiceNow® Virtual Agent (VA) is a conversational bot platform that provides user assistance through conversations within a messaging interface. Topics are built using Virtual Agent Designer and end users interact with it through Conversations to obtain information, make decisions, and perform common work tasks.

The following conversations are available to external HI users. The list of conversations will continue to grow and improvements to the flows are frequently made. Some conversations require specific access and may not be visible to all users.

  • View Open Incidents
  • View Open Changes
  • Search Knowledge Base
  • Update Notification Preferences
  • Update User Profile
  • Activate Plugin
  • Zboot Instance
  • Reset Admin Password
  • Reset HI Password
  • Retire an Instance
  • Remove Demo Data


Using Virtual Agent

Virtual Agent is available on every page of the Now Support (HI).

  1. Navigate to
  2. Click on the chat icon on the lower right-hand corner of the page

  3. The Virtual Agent chat window opens and provides a greeting

  4. To locate an available topic, type a phrase or click on the 'Show me everything' button to see everything that VA can help with.
  5. Select a topic from the list and follow the prompts 


How to End a Conversation

  1. To end a conversation anytime, click on the 3 dots menu located on the top right-hand corner of the VA window and select 'New Conversation'

  2. To signal the start of a conversation, VA will again provide a greeting


Session Timeout

  1.  If the session times out while VA is in use, a message will appear within the VA window

  2. Click on the Login button or refresh the browser window to log back into HI


Providing Feedback

  1.  To provide Feedback on VA, click on the Feedback button on the Now Support (HI)



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