Occasionally, when attempting to run a scheduled Automated Test Framework (ATF) , this run may result in the following error:

Skipping scheduled suite.  A scheduled client test run that satisfies client constraints is not available.


Error running scheduled ATF suite

In addition, all test suites and tests associated to that Test Schedule record fail to run.

This particular dialog box and error occurs upon a user clicking the "Execute Now" button directly from within the Test Suite Schedule record in an attempt to immediately execute the Test suite rather than waiting for the normal schedule time to begin the test Suite run.

Alternatively, the issue may be exposed in that scheduled suites or tests are not running with no records or lines found in the logs indicating the test had even attempted.  This can be more difficult to detect as no evidence is found indicating the error or that the Test or Test Suite attempted to run.  If you are experiencing an issue in which scheduled tests or test suites are showing no evidence of running, open the test schedule record and click the Execute Now to determine if you get the error message indicated above, which is indicative of this issue.


Cause of Issue and Resolution

There are several specific causes for the issue, however they all lead back to the fact that a current, Scheduled Test Runner cannot be found that is configured to handle this scheduled test to rest suite.

The most common cause of this issue is that currently there are no active Scheduled Test runners configured on the instance.  This can be checked by browsing to the following location from the Manu Navigator on the instance: Automated Test Framework -> Run -> Active Scheduled Test Runners.  If the resulting list is empty (has no rows), this indicates there are no test runners currently available to process the Scheduled Test.

To properly resolve this specific occurrence, a new Scheduled Test Runner should be open.  To do this, browse to the following location: Automated Test Framework -> Run.  Under the Run menu, click the menu option titled Scheduled Client Test Runner.  This will open a new Scheduled Client Test Runner.

Active Scheduled Client Test Runner

As always with any Test Runner, ensure to leave the Test Runner open in the browser and as the active browser tab for best results.

The second common cause of this issue is that, while there is an active Scheduled Client Test Runner on the system, the actual browser window that triggered or opened that window has a different Browser versioning and name then expected by the Scheduled Suite Run record.  For example, if a Scheduled Test Suite Run record was created and configured to run under Firefox version 62.0,

 Scheduled ATF Test Suite

however, the Scheduled Client Test runner window was scheduled, but the window was open in a different browser type,

Scheduled Client Test Runner

The test would also fail to run, and if run manually, would generate the same error message as described above.

To resolve this issue, either open a Scheduled Client Test Runner window on a computer with the same system configuration (including Browser information) as configured in the Scheduled Suite record or modify the Scheduled Suite record to conform to the computer and browser type as the Scheduled Client Test Runner will be opened.

As a general rule, unless attempting to test some very specific functionality for a specific Operating System or Browser type or version, for most Scheduled Suite records, you will probably prefer to not require a specific Browser type, version or OS name or version (instead selecting the All option and leaving the version information blank).  In this way, the Scheduled Suite will be able to run under any Active Scheduled Test Runner.

Other Information

 The following links provide other, more general information regarding the ATF and running scheduled test suites:


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