Any Module with a value in the arguments field will not work correctly in Chrome 61, and possibly later versions. Clicking on the module does nothing, and no error message is shown. If you inspect the DOM of the module, you can see that the arguments are added to the end of the href for that module.

Steps to Reproduce


  1. Navigate to System Definition > Modules.
  2. Click the new button.
  3. Set the Name and application menu to anything.
  4. Set the Link Type to List of records.
  5. In the Arguments field add this code.
  6. Save the record and refresh the navigation to reload all the modules.
  7. Search and select the module you created. Notice the module does not direct you to the list of records when clicking on it.


This problem is fixed in London. On earlier releases you can workaround the issue by using a different browser.

Related Problem: PRB1194919

Seen In

Istanbul Patch 9

Fixed In


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