While loading a dashboard, all the widgets show spinner or show "Loading" icon but they never load



There is an error in browser console with following error stack trace:

js_includes_dashboards_2.jsx?v=05-24-2018_1317&lp=Fri_Aug_10_21_02_18_PDT_2018&c=31_354:39207 Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'id' of undefined 
at Object.success (js_includes_dashboards_2.jsx?v=05-24-2018_1317&lp=Fri_Aug_10_21_02_18_PDT_2018&c=31_354:39207) 
at i (js_includes_dashboards.jsx?v=05-24-2018_1317&lp=Fri_Aug_10_21_02_18_PDT_2018&c=31_354:24018) 
at Object.fireWith [as resolveWith] (js_includes_dashboards.jsx?v=05-24-2018_1317&lp=Fri_Aug_10_21_02_18_PDT_2018&c=31_354:24018) 
at z (js_includes_dashboards.jsx?v=05-24-2018_1317&lp=Fri_Aug_10_21_02_18_PDT_2018&c=31_354:24020) 
at XMLHttpRequest.<anonymous> (js_includes_dashboards.jsx?v=05-24-2018_1317&lp=Fri_Aug_10_21_02_18_PDT_2018&c=31_354:24020) 
2js_includes_concourse.jsx?v=05-24-2018_1317&lp=Fri_Aug_10_21_02_18_PDT_2018&c=31_354:5602 amb.MessageClient [INFO] >>> connection exists, request satisfied 


The issue is due to an invalid sys_user_preference value for ""

To resolve the issue for affected user perform steps below:

1. As an admin user go to

2. Filter for name = and User = affected user's name

3. select the record and delete.

4. User should Log out and log in again after deleting the preferences.


Clearing the user preference for, the user will lose some saved preferences as recently visited, last visited dashboard or any customizations the user has saved for dashboards.



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