The New button for creating a new Release, Task, and Phase, does not show. This missing UI action occurs after the plugin Release Management v2 is activated.

Steps to Reproduce

  1. Log in to an affected instance
  2. Impersonate System Administrator
  3. Go to System Definition > Plugins
  4. Perform a search with Name = Release Management
  5. Open Release Management v2
  6. Under "Related Links", click the "Activate/Repair" link
  7. Click "Activate" on the pop-up window
  8. Click "Close and Reload Form"
  9. Verify that the field Status indicates Release Management is "Active"
  10. Go to Release > Releases
  11. The "New" button for creating new Releases is missing. 
  12. Similarly, the New button is missing for Phases, Features, and Tasks as well.

Expected behavior: The 'New' UI Action should display for the Releases list. Also Phases, Features, and Tasks lists as well under Release Management

Actual Behavior: The 'New' UI Action is missing for Releases, Phases, Features and Tasks lists


As per our online documentation: Define a release, "Release" should be created from the related list of a Product record.

Similarly, Phases and Features should be created from the related list of a release record.

Release task should be created from the related list of a feature record. 

Related Problem: PRB1311088

Seen In

Kingston Patch 7

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