Guided Tour button not available for External Users on Service Portal after upgrading to London

After upgrading to London, Guided Tour button is not available for External Users on Service Portal. By External Users, we means users with snc_external role. Both, snc_external and snc_external roles come with Explicit Roles plugin activation. Users with snc_internal roles have no issues and can see the Guided Tour button very well.
Internal Users:
External Users:


Cause & Explanation

In order to display the Tour button in Service Portal Header Menu, platform makes a REST API call to Scripted REST API Guided Tours. In London release, security access to REST API Resources has been enhanced by introducing Requires SNC Internals checkbox field to REST API Resources. By default, the Requires SNC Internals check box is selected, which means that internal users without the snc_internal role cannot access the scripted REST API resource.
1. Go to System Web Services > Scripted REST APIs > Guided Tours.
2. Uncheck Requires SNC Internals checkbox for Resource All - Get tours for a page and it works for everyone irrespective of users with snc_internal role.
This fix of unchecking Requires SNC Internals is not limited to Guided Tours instead applies to other Service Portal widgets also which calls any Scripted REST API Resources and fails because of lacking snc_internal role.

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Last Updated:2018-11-06 09:05:38