Service Portal: CSS Console error when trying to display scoped portal pages in the Designer

the Issue is due to scoped app. You can see the non-scoped HR portal works - visit /hrsp and you'll be able to pull up the page in designer.


Error seen in console:

 "Cannot read property 'css' of undefined"





Steps to Reproduce

The Human Resource plugin needs to be installed.

1. Access
2. Navigate to$

3. If you go to any other portal, the pages display correctly in the editor.

Expected behavior
The HR page should be displayed in editor mode

Actual behavior
A blank page is displayed instead of the HR page in editor. In addition, the CSS error is displayed in the console.


The workaround is to open the page on the designer from the context of a portal in Global scope.

For example, it'll work fine here (using sp_config):

You will be in sp_config context but that won't matter, you can still edit the hrj_dashboard or other any pages.

Related Problem: PRB1244775

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