It has been found that in certain cases after an instance is zbooted or upgraded, the Priority value does not automatically update as expected based on the Incident form.

This issue would commonly be reported as the Incident form suddenly not automatically updating the Priority field based on the current settings of the Impact and Urgency fields.  The issue would normally be reported as occurring immediately after the instance was zbooted or upgraded.

Priority not working

Cause and Verification

The instance can be examined to confirm this is the issue in several ways.  The first is to begin creation of a new Incident  and set the Impact and Urgency to values that should cause the Priority to change as expected.  If this value does not change, this will help confirm this issue on the instance.

Another and even more certain way to verify the issue on the instance is to browse to the following location:


Where <Instance_Name> is the URL for the instance which is experiencing the issue.

If the list returns an empty list, this is a clear indicator of this issue.

Empty dl_u_priority table

This last test also shows the cause of the issue, which is that the dl_u_priority table contains no records which would then cause the Prioritization functionality in an Incident to cease working.  The records appear to sometimes be removed during a zboot of the instance or an upgrade to certain versions.


To resolve the issue requires re-importing into the instance the out-of-box records from the dl_u_priority table.  The following steps detail how to resolve the issue:

Download the dl_u_priority.xml file which is attached to this ticket, to your local machine.

Login to that instance with an account having admin rights to that instance.

Display a list of any record type in the right pane (such as Incidents).

Right click on any of the column headings for this displayed list. 

From the pop-up menu that appears, select the option titled Import XML

On the Import XML form that appears, click the button titled Choose File. 

From the File Browser window that appears, browse to the location of the dl_u_priority.xml file that was downloaded in previous steps and select that file. 

Click the Upload button. 

Log out and back into the instance and retry updating or creating an Incident to verify the Priority value sets as expected. 

Priority working as expected

These steps will re-import the missing records back into the instance and allow the Priority Matrix to work correctly with Incident tickets,.  Note that performing these steps will not retroactively correct previous Incidents that may have been corrected in which the Priority was not automatically triggered to the specified value.

Out-Of-Box dl_u_priority list

After performing these steps, the dl_u_priority table should contain the out-of-box values (9 records).

Note that if this Priority Matrix has been modified or customized to have differing functionality than the out-of-box versions, these records will again need to be modified to return to the previous customized behavior.


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