Once an input parameter is deleted from Resource Block Operation Input Parameter, the input automatically disappears from blueprint and Catalog Property Form Parameters.
However it's still left on the Launch form / Blueprint Catalog items.

Steps to Reproduce

1> login to instance, go to cloud admin portal
2> Open resource block "Virtual Server" then add a new input parameter to Provision operation, make sure "Create Form Parameter" is ticked
3> Open blueprint "Test", open catalog "Test" > Form > Reset > Reset Form with Override Mapping
4> In Cloud User portal, launch stack "Test", confirm new input parameter is showing.
5> Delete the input parameter from Resource Block.
6> Confirm the input parameter is left over on the launch form even if we Reset Form again.
7>delete the input from resource block, now the input is left on the Launch form until it's manually deleted from sc_cat_item.


Once the input parameter is deleted from Resource Block, manually remove them by:
Open sn_cmp_bp_cat_item > open the catalog item > open Variables Sets tab > open Provision > find and delete the variables.

Related Problem: PRB1313476

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