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After a thorough review, there is no OOB (Out of Box) method to achieve the behavior the user is looking for (namely, the ability to perform a retroactive recalculation based on some external considerations - see example use case below).

It is worth noting that Support Engineers are experts in OOB behavior, and specialize in OOB break-fix solutions. Unfortunately, the debugging and implementation of custom code (which will be the only way to achieve this functionality) is not in their area of expertise.

That being said, here is one idea of how such an implementation could be accomplished:

  • Perhaps the user could accomplish this with a custom Relative Duration on their SLA Definition, plus a custom field. 

    Scripting a custom Relative Duration could allow the user to create logic to recalculate the current task_sla record based on the value placed into this custom field (say, the field could be "u_authorized_delay", and it could then be populated dynamically with whatever value the user's manager wanted [e.g., if the user's manager wants 2 hours of an Authorized Delay, 4 hours, 6 hours, etc]).

    When the user saves the form after updating this field retroactively, the Run SLAs business rule should run, pull that Relative Duration, and update the task_sla record based on the user's manager's allotted time for the authorized amount of delay.

As mentioned above, Support Engineers are not experts in either debugging or implementing of custom code. Therefore, it is recommended that the working out of the logic needed to achieve the above be handled by the user and their development team.

If the user requires assistance, offer these two avenues:

1. The user could research to see if any other customers are creating a similar implementation on the ServiceNow community website ( If they do not find what they are looking for in topics that have been created already - perhaps they could create a topic and ask other customers how they believe this should be implemented.

2. Refer the user to the Professional Services team who are experts in custom implementation. They would be more than happy to assist the user in achieving this customization. Please note that there is a fee with this service.

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