Affected CIs are not listing the tasks associated with the configuration item when you add configuration items to the affected CIs from the task form related list.


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This is working by design. When you add a cmdb_ci item to the task, the task is added to the task_ci table and not the cmdb_ci table. So tasks will not be seen in the cmdb_ci table unless it is the configuration item for the particular task. You will only be able to see the associated tasks/change_tasks from the task_ci form.


To view all the change_task for a particular cmdb_ci table, you need to define a relationship from task_ci table which queries from the task_ci table itself. To do the same, please follow the below steps. 

1. Go to System Definitions -> Relationships 
2. Create New 
3. Enter the following details in the form 

Name: Tasks for the Configuration Item(You can name it according to your preference) 
Applied to Table: CIs Affected[task_ci] 
Queries from Table: CIs Affected[task_ci] 
Query with: 

(function refineQuery(current, parent) { 


})(current, parent); 

4. Go to task_ci form 
5. Right click on the header and select Configure -> Related Lists 
6. Add the Relationship - "Tasks for the Configuration Item" to the form 
This will list all the tasks with the Configuration item listed for the task_ci 
7. You may configure the related list layout to place the task number and configuration item to the top, so that it would be easier to see the task as the first column in the list. 


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