Default View: Global search results Title shows Workflow type (Stage field of sc_req_item) field's value even at least a String type field is present in List View.

sc_req_item table based on OOB doesn't have a text_search view. Issue occurs only in Default View. 

Steps to Reproduce

1. Hop into demonightlykingston.

2. Table to consider: sc_req_item

3. Add first needs to be added in the search group)
3.1. Go to System Definition > Search Groups. Open 'Tasks'.
3.2. Add 'sc_req_item' table under Text Search Tables. Click 'New' -> Table: sc_req_item, Order: 425 -> 'Submit'.

4. Now go to Self-Service > Requested Items (sc_req_item.list). Clear all filters.

5. In the list, go to Configure > List Layout. You will notice Stage field is present in Default view.

6. Add "Short Description" field in the layout (in 2nd position) and save the changes.

7. Now do a global search as "0000001" (for referring to RITM0000001 record)

8. Notice the search results in sc_req_item table section.

(Please do note that text search view doesn't exist OOB for sc_req_item for example)

Actual: Title is showing "Stage" field's value
Expected: Title should show "Short Description" field's value


- Either remove Stage field from the "Default view" list.
- Or use "text_search" view.

Related Problem: PRB1278005

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