Customizations can manually be reverted back to base system using this production document: Revert a customization

In scenarios where multiple customizations made to a specific feature or functionality need to be reverted back to base system, a plugin activation can be used. 

NOTE: Using the plugin activation will revert customizations made to configurations only. If customizations made to a table schema needs to be reverted back to base system, please contact ServiceNow Customer Support.


  1. Compile the list of sys_ids of customizations you wish to revert to base system.
  2. Determine which plugin originally loaded the record:
    Go to the Plugin Activation Logs [sys_plugin_log] table. Search for all records where the 'Log' field contains the sys_id of the record. Once found, look at the field 'Plugin' to get the name of the plugin that loaded the record.  
  3. On the Customer Updates [sys_update_xml] table, search 'Name' column to find a record which contains the sys_id. You can also use this KB for assistance: 
    How to display a list of records from a list of sys_ids
  4. Set the field 'Replace on upgrade' to 'true'
  5. Activate plugin

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