If a user is filling in a form on Service Portal, editing a single line text field, and hitting Enter, the catalog item form is submitted ignoring the user preference 'enter_submits_form', even though other fields in the form may not have been filled in.


Steps to Reproduce


1 - Activate the Blackberry item in Service Catalog (sys_id=e2132865c0a8016500108d9cee411699).
2 - Open the item n Service Portal.
3 - Place the cursor inside the "What was the original phone number?" variable.
4 - Type something within the field and hit Enter. Observe this results in the item being ordered.


User Preferences are not honoured in any form in the current version of Service Portal, this has been identified as a future product enhancement.
The issue has been partially addressed in Kingston, which contains a revised catalog item widget (OOB "SC Catalog Item"). This new version only allows the item submission by clicking on Submit or Add to Cart.

Related Problem: PRB733669

Seen In

Helsinki Patch 4

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