If a user is filling in a form on Service Portal, editing a single line text field, and hitting Enter, the catalog item form is submitted ignoring the user preference 'enter_submits_form', even when other fields in the form may not have been filled in.


Steps to Reproduce


1 - Activate the Blackberry item in Service Catalog (sys_id=e2132865c0a8016500108d9cee411699).
2 - Open the item n Service Portal.
3 - Place the cursor inside the "What was the original phone number?" variable.
4 - Type something within the field and hit Enter. Observe this results in the item being ordered.


This issue has been identified as a future product enhancement. User Preferences are not honoured in any form in the current version of Service Portal.

The issue has been partially addressed in Kingston, which contains a revised catalog item widget (OOB "SC Catalog Item"). This new version only allows the item submission by clicking on Submit or Add to Cart.

Related Problem: PRB733669

Seen In

Helsinki Patch 4

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