When opening and submitting catalog items, forms, record producers in Service Portal through ATF steps, the error observed is either

  • "FAILURE: Failed to open Catalog Item. Either you don't have access to the Catalog Item or g_form is not defined"
  • "FAILURE: Validations failed. Failed to Order Item."
  • "FAILURE: Failed to submit the record producer."
  • "FAILURE: Failed to Add the catalog item to cart."

Release or Environment

Kingston, London, Madrid, New York+


The cause of the issue could be that the ATF test using catalog items have deprecated or custom widgets. Neither of these are supported in ATF.



Check if you are using a custom or deprecated widget, as displayed by the attached screenshot, within the sc_cat_item page of the sp_page. To fix this issue, you would need to change the widget to an OOB widget in the widget field of sp_instance.

The custom widget is supported in ATF from Madrid. But, One can not use the OOB ATF steps. Custom UI steps need to be created to use the custom widget :


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Last Updated:2019-11-20 07:49:08