MSSQL DB on Windows Pattern for Discovery, missing SQL Database with an Underscore in the Name

Steps to Reproduce

1. Pattern Designer -> Discovery pattern -> MSSql DB On Windows Pattern -> Identification for MS SQL Server -> Debug -> Enter IP
2. Scroll down to step 50.1 (50.1. Get list of db from wmi) and wait until debug finishes processing
3. Now still on step 50.1, click Test and you will see the error: "Test failed: Failed to set attribute while testing the step due to the following error: Groovy code failure: Failed to execute WMI query on host <ip address> query: SELECT..."


This is because the database instance name contains '_'

On step 50.1 add the 2nd line to the eval to remove the '_' character:

instance = instance.replaceAll("_","");

Related Problem: PRB1247903

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Fixed In

Kingston Patch 2

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