How can we change the Survey Due Date or Survey Assessment Instance Due Date?

You cannot modify the Due Date of an already generated Assessment/Survey Instance but can modify the ones that will be generated in the future, to do so:


1) Login to your instance with Admin role. 
2) Navigate to Survey ==> View Survey 
3) Click on an existing survey eg: 'Service Desk Satisfaction Survey' 
4) Now click on the UI Action button 'Survey Designer' top right of the screen. 
5) This should now open the Survey in the Survey Designer and when it is open, click on the 'Configuration' tab in the middle and scroll down to the bottom of the page. 
6) Notice the 'Duration' field, by default this is se to 14days, So Due Date would be 14 days from the date the Survey is triggered. 
You can make modification to the days based on your requirement and when future Survey gets triggered it will use the new Duration to calculated the Due Dates.

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