How to preserve the Users [sys_user] table when performing a clone.


Data preservers are primarily intended to preserve system settings and themes, such as instance-specific authentication settings. Do not use data preservers to transfer large sets of data, such as user groups. If you must preserve table data such as users, groups, and roles, consider exporting the records to a file and importing it after the clone is complete. Information regarding avoiding using data preservers for large data sets can be found here: 

Data preservation on cloning target instances


  1. On the source clone instance, create a table exclusion.

  2. On the source clone instance, create a table preserver.

    3. You can now request a clone.


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Additional Information

Only sys_user records are preserved. Depending on the size of a database, this can cause clone performance issues and lead to the clone process to fail completely. Additionally, roles are not preserved. 

KB0717012 - Clone results based on Exclusion and Preserver configuration

Exclude a table from cloning

Data preservation on cloning target instances

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