Search results are unexpected when using Record producer filter configuration from Jakarta




The old version of dynamic Record producer filter was used in the instance which should not be used since Jakarta.


Starting Jakarta, a new version of dynamic filter was introduced, and user needs to manually migrate the filters they had before.

The steps are as below.

For Record Producer Configuration,
(1) remove old related list and add new one
>>> open a record producer configuration record, e.g. "Create Case":
>>> right click on the header > Configure > Related list
>>> as in screenshot below, add "Filter Configuration-> Record Producer configuration" into right column, and remove "Record Producer Filter Configuration->Record Producer" from right column > save

(2) create new dynamic filter by using new related list
>>>> In the same record producer configuration, in the new "Filter Configurations" related list, create a new filter configuration as before.
>>>> Open the newly created filter configuration, it has a related list called "Filter Conditions". Create a new filter condition which is similar to "Filter Mapping" as in old version.

Please test the workaround on non production instance first before moving it to production. 


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Last Updated:2019-05-21 11:51:07