When a group (sys_user_group) is accidentally deleted, a cascade deletion can occur which will remove all references to that group. Users without the group will lose assigned roles. This will lead to he user being unable to access various applications, modules, data, etc. This article will instruct an administrator on how to manually restore the record and references without the use of scripts.



  • The user performing the data restoration should have the 'admin' role.
  • Another instance (SOT / source-of-truth) which contains the group and references must be available in order to extract this data. 
  • The 'name' of the group and it's 'sys_id' 

Test Case:

The 'Field Services' group was accidentally deleted:



  1. Undelete / restore the 'Field Services' group:
    1. Option #1 - 
      Open the module 'Deleted Records', open the 'Field Services' group record and undelete it.
    2. Option #2 - 
      On the SOT instance, export to .xml a copy of the 'Field Services' group record, then import into the instance with the missing group.
  2. Restore these references by exporting to .xml from the SOT instance then import into the instance where the deletion occurred. This will restore the core references which are needed for the group to function properly. 

  3. Check for any remaining references which may need to be restored. If any are found, create a new URL similar to the ones above then repeat restoration steps. This will give you all the tables which contains a field that references the Group (sys_user_group table):


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