Here is a one way to generate a report to display all incident records which have not been updated with a comment or work note in x number of days.


The database view and business rule have already been created and will need to be imported into the instance.

  1. Download this .zip attachment
  2. Log into your test instance
  3. Unzip attachment and import all three .xml files into your instance
  4. Go to incident_no_comments.list. This should display all active incident records which have not been updated with either a comment or work notes the past 3 days. If you wish to modify the duration (ex. 5 days), open the business rule Incidents No Comments and update line #7.
  5. You can now create a report on the database view (table name) called incident_no_comments


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The customization described is not supported by ServiceNow Customer Support. This method is provided as-is and should be tested thoroughly before implementation. More information on database views can be found in our product documentation here.

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