• Users are unable to submit a Change Request using the "Submit Change" UI Action. The transaction times out and the Change is not submitted.


Kingston Patch 7 and Kingston Patch 8


The user had a custom Script Include ("C-SI") and a custom Business Rule ("C-BR") which were responsible for the behavior.


The user experiencing the behavior mentioned that a dictionary entry's calculated value may have some involvement in the behavior seen.

With this piece of information in mind, the behavior was reproduced and the app node logs were tailed. Hundreds of exactly the same query alongside exactly the same filter conditions arose.

After navigating to /, it was noted that there were some long-running default thread transactions against / Clicking into them revealed their thread stack(s).

The first thread stack pointed directly to the aforementioned C-SI, and the exact line of code causing the behavior.

Continuing to review the app node localhost log, and with the same exact query still running nearly two minutes later, the thread stack was refreshed for the running / transaction. A second repeated reference was found, pointing directly to the C-BR, and the exact line of code causing the behavior.


As a result of the above investigation, it was suggested that, rather than deactivating the calculated value section of the dictionary entry, that the user attempt to deactivate their C-BR first, and try to reproduce the behavior. 

If that did not prove successful, it was suggested that the user deactivate their C-SI.

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