After upgrade of an instance, the charts & reports on customer's instance lose the color formatting.


Step 1: Create a report on a Jakarta instance.

Step 2: Select type as bar char

Step 3: Click the gear box, beside type


Step 4: Select chart color as - Use color palette, and close the settings pop up.

Step 5: Add the report to the homepage

Step 6: Check if the colors are displayed correctly as defined in the main report.


Upgrade the instance to the next family

Step 7: Navigate to the homepage, and view the report

Step 8: The report shown is correct, however the color formatting is lost.

The report has dotted columns as shown below. The columns should have a single color block.

Applicable Versions

Happens during an upgrade

 Istanbul > Jakarta
 Istanbul > Kingston
 Istanbul > London
 Jakarta > Kingston
 Jakarta > London
 Kingston > London

Additional Information

Solution/Fix - You need to click on the cog wheel on the right top corner --> General --> Data visualization patterns enabled (this should be switched off) 
You were able to see the graphs with the color coding after turning this property to false.

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Last Updated:2019-08-02 21:02:11