When viewing a incident record on the Service Portal, there are times when the 'Options' doesn't appear allowing you to see more details within the incident record.

In an out of the box instance, the ability to expand the 'Options' and see more details is often on the right side of the page underneath details from the incident record.




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This is caused by the incident record not having any variables associated against it.


The fastest way to check if there are variables against this incident record would be to check the record outside the Service Portal. When doing this, the variable editor will display.

A second option and a more thorough way are to check the Question Answers table where variables against tables not related to the Service Catalog sit (i.e. Incident / Change Request).

Please follow the steps below:

  1. Open up the incident record being affected
  2. Copy the sys ID of the incident record
  3. Navigate to the Question Answers table via the following URL:

  4. Ensure that the column "Table sys ID" is on the list
  5. Paste in the sys ID we copied previously and search

If no records appear, this means that there are no variables against this incident record and most likely this record was not created via a Record Producer.


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