When an event is updated from the schedule, it will alter the URL (i.e. sysparm_date%3DTue%20Aug%2022%202017%2000:00:00%20GMT%2B0300%20(Jerusalem%20Daylight%20Time)
The %2B part can't be decoded and the page can't be displayed

Steps to Reproduce

1- Open IE, Firefox or Safari
2- Open an OOB instance (I've tested with Istanbul patch8 and Jakarta)
3- Set the timezone to some value which have (+) sign
4- Activate 'Customer Service' plugin
5- Impersonate as a user with admin role (i.e. David Loo)
6- Go to Customer Service -> My Schedule
7- Create a new Event at any given time and Submit
8- Reopen the created Event. Don't change anything and click Submit or Delete

Expected result: Schedule can be seen successfully with a title like "3 September 2017 – 9 September 2017"
Actual result: Blank Page is seen with "NaN undefined NaN" title


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Related Problem: PRB1206486

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