Build information:
Build name: London
Build date: 07-14-2018_1223
Build tag: glide-london-06-27-2018__patch0-07-11-2018
Instance name: empvhul
Instance ID: c7336277db67dbc8cbf6d5b0cf961939
Node ID: d6619a4a840128ffb08102fab5c4ff2f
IP address:
Issue Description:
Catalog UI Policy conditions can not be saved properly when using the "is different"

Steps to Reproduce

1. login the instance as maint, open the OOTB record producer "Create Incident" 
2. Add 2 "reference" type variable: 
Type: Reference
Question: Who is the caller?
Name: u_caller
Order: 500
Reference: sys_user tables
Reference qualifier condition: active is true;
Type: Reference
Question: Who will be assigned to this incident?
Name: u_assignee
Order: 600
Reference: sys_user tables
Reference qualifier condition: active is true;
3. Open the RP "Create Incident" again, create a Catalog UI Policy, put the condition
"u_assignee" "is different from" "u_caller"
Expected behavior: Catalog UI Policy be saved properly
Actual behavior: Can not save the Catalog UI Policy.  (See screenshot)
Condition can not be saved. 


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