The Discovery process fail and you get an error on the pattern logs where you can see: 

Identification CI Errors: Abandoned due to too many errors


This is most likely caused by duplicates on the relationship type table ( cmdb_rel_type ).



You will need  to enable the  Debug for the CI Identification parameter on the Discovery properties ( glide.discovery.debug.ci_identification ) and quick discovery the affected device.

Then check the logs on the, the CI Identification ones would be like: 

identification_engine : DUPLICATE_RELATIONSHIP_TYPES Duplicate relationship type records exists with name [Master of::Stack Member of] 

After you figure out which relationship type is got duplicates, just go to the and filter by name. It should be only one record for the same type.

Before deleting the duplicate is worth to check on the if there is any relationship using that particular type, then delete the record that's not being used.



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Last Updated:2019-05-21 11:46:45