Build information:
Build name: Jakarta
Build date: 09-05-2018_1933
Build tag: glide-jakarta-05-03-2017__patch10-08-24-2018

Issue Description:
The 'confirm' doesn't work in onChange Client Script/Catalog Client Script created on a Reference filed/variable on Chrome Browser. 

Steps to Reproduce

1. Log in as admin.
2. Import the XML file 'sys_script_client_89be000fdb20e7008742684814961957.xml' which is a 'onChage' Client Script created on Business Service field on Incident table.
function onChange(control, oldValue, newValue, isLoading, isTemplate) {
if (isLoading || newValue === '') {

//Type appropriate comment here, and begin script below
var conf = confirm(getMessage('Hello World!'));
alert('You made the right choice.');
3. Open an incident record.
4. Click on the magnifying icon.
5. Select one record from the popup window.

Expected behavior
The Confirmation Dialog should pop up.
Actual behavior
The Confirmation Dialog didn't pop up.

Investigation summary
- This issue only happens on Chrome Browser.
- This issue happens on the Reference Catalog Item variable and onChange Catalog Client Script as well.
- This issue only happens on onChange Client Script on a Reference field.
- If I open the console of Chrome when choosing the value from the popup window, the issue will not happen.
- If I type text in the Business Service and select a value from the match list, the issue will not happen.


This is expected behavior and by design in all currently supported releases.


Related Problem: PRB1311990

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