When creating or editing a CAB Meeting record, no users appear or can be selected for the CAB manager field.

 No users to select


The cause of this issue is that the field is configured to filter to only display(and allow selection of) users who are a member of a specific group (sn_change_cab.cab_manager).  By default, on an instance, no users will be in this group, including those in the itil and admin groups.  Thus, onluy users who are explicitly in the sn_change_cab.cab_manager role or in a group or role that includes this role will be able to be set as the CAB manager for a CAB meeting.


Add any user that can be assigned the CAB manager for a CAB meeting to the sn_change_cab.cab_manager user role.  This can be done by accessing the user record for the individual you want to add and clicking the Edit button on the related list for Roles.  Search for or type in the sn_change_cab.cab_manager role in the Edit Roles window and then clicking Save.  Once added to that role, that user can then be selected as the CAB manager for a CAB meeting record.

Selecting the CAB manager role

Alternatively, a special group can be created for CAB managers in which this role is assigned.  Users can then be assigned to this special group who could be set as the CAB manager for a CAB meeting.

Additional Information

The sn_change_cab.cab_manager role by default also includes the itil role so any user in the sn_change_cab.cab_manager role will also obtain all the rights and permissions of someone in the itil group.

On test and demonstration instances in which the module was pre-oaded with demo data, there are a number of users who, by default, have the necessary role to be populated in the CAB manager field.

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Last Updated:2019-08-02 21:02:27