Build information:
Jakarta Patch 5
Jakarta Patch 6

Issue Description:
Option values of choice lists in UI Page: render_gadget_performance_controls are not translated

Steps to Reproduce

1. OOB instance: Jakarta Patch 6 which had two I18N activated)
2. Install a language plugin.
3. Open OOB UI Page: render_gadget_performance_controls:

4. There is no gs.getMessage setup for translate the option values in choice list of perf_interval and perf_size in UI Page: render_gadget_performance_controls script.

Expected behavior: The gs.getMessage should be in the script so the option values can be translated
Actual behavior: there is no gs.getMessage in the script.


The fix involved modifying an existing UI Page named "render_gadget_performance_controls" (sys_ui_page_2d2eca0f0a0001c30088794cbe4254fb). Those changes can be applied to the UI Page without a hot-fix/upgrade. Note: This should be tested before deploying in a PROD environment. 

As an example: 
1. Access and retrieve the "render_gadget_performance_controls" records 
2. Locate the duration section with the 1 hour, 2 hours, 4 hours, 1 day, ... options 
3. Replace the hard-coded option with the following: 
ORIGINAL: <option value="60">1 hour</option> 
MODIFIED: <option value="60">${'1 hour'}</option> 

4. Repeat for the other duration options 
5. Locate the size section with the Large, Small, and Extra Large options 
6. Replace the hard-coded option with the following: 
ORIGINAL: <option value="large">Large</option> 
MODIFIED: <option value="large">${'Large'}</option> 

7. Repeat for the other size options 
8. Save changes, clear cache, and test 
9. It may be necessary to add translations for the various strings 

Related Problem: PRB1244963

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