On the Service Portal form page in the London release, the UI action buttons (eg: "Save", "Cancel Request") don't work on the first click, the following warning appears in the browser console,

g_form) [NOACTION] Could not find UI Action: none,

and it leaves the read-only variables in the variable editor editable.

Steps to Reproduce

  1. Log on to an out of the box London instance.
  2. Navigate to the portal record and set the following quick start config with portal record
    • "readonly_variable_editor": "true"
  3. Navigate to the Service Portal via URL:
    • https://<instance_name>
    • replace sys_id=xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx with one of the available [sc_req_item sys_ids.
  4. Click on the OOB UI action called "Cancel Request"

Expected behavior:
Requested item state is updated and the read-only variable editor stays as read-only

Actual behavior:
Nothing happens on the form with the first click, and we observe this warning in the browser console:

(g_form) [NOACTION] Could not find UI Action: none,

the read-only variables in the variable editor become editable.


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Related Problem: PRB1310242

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