The List v3 Group By functionality does not display accurate data when sorting in ascending or descending order. Some records are not displayed, and only the visible records on the page are sorted, not the entire list output.

Steps to Reproduce


1. Verify the List v3 plugin is enabled.
2. Navigate to incident.list .
3. Group by Caller.
4. Sort on Opened (this issue is most easily demonstrated with a date/time field but occurs when sorting on ALL fields).

If limiting page display to 20 records and if a user has overflow records on the next page, the data displayed in the list when sorting is not accurate. The oldest record will not display when sorting by Ascending, and the newest record will not display when sorting by Descending. Only the records that are visible on the page are sorted.


List v3 is now deprecated and no longer supported. We advise using List v2 and not activating the List v3 plugin. A more performant and feature complete solution is under development a new list component has been introduced in limited form with the Agent Workspace in London.


Related Problem: PRB1272959

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