Commenting out the last line of a validation script (which is used by a form), causes issue in form layout. Right-clicking on form header or a field's name doesn't display a popupĀ 

Steps to Reproduce

1. Go to 'Integer' validation script.
2. Modify the 'Validator' as follows;
function validate(value) { return true; }
//function validate(value) {

// if(!containsOnlyChars( g_user_grouping_separator + " 0123456789-", value))
// return new GwtMessage().getMessage("Invalid integer");
// return true;
// }

* Make sure the last line of Validator is commented out
3. Go to any incident record
4. Right-click on form header or a field's name

Actual behavior: browser's right click menu appears
Expected behavior: form's or field's context menu appears


Simple delete the commented out lines or add an empty line at the end of Validator script

Related Problem: PRB1311044

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