When submitting an Appointment Booking request from portal, the page tries to redirect to a nonexistent page

Steps to Reproduce

Prerequisite: Activate Field Service Management plugin (com.snc.work_management)

1. Go to Service Catalog > Catalog Definitions -> Record Producers

2. Click New to create a Record Producer
Name: testproducer
Table: wm_order
Redirect to: Generated Task Record
Catalogs: Service Catalog
Catagory: Can we help you?

3. Add 'sn_appointment_variable_set' Variable Set to the newly created Record Producer (testproducer)

4. Go to 'Field Service Configuration' Appointment Booking Configuration

5. Scroll Down to Appointment Booking Service Configuration related list and click New

6. Fill mandatory fields and select 'testproducer' as Catalog Item

7. Go to portal (<instance-name>/sp)

8. Find 'testproducer' item or click 'Get Help' and click 'testproducer'

9. Select a valid appointment for Appointment field and click Submit.

10. Go to instance URL (<instance-name>)

Actual behavior: Page redirects to /csm?id=fsm_ticket&table=wm_order&sys_id=b98b53801dd1a3004e82b0ec4c02f64b&view=csp

Expected behavior: Homepage is displayed


Caused by hardcoded URL at 'Create Appointment' Business Rule

Modify line 37 and enter a URL of your choice to resolve the issue 

Related Problem: PRB1311018

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