In Interactive Filters, Date Filter List values fail to get translated in other languages.

These list values are populating from the Business Rule "Get Date Filter Options for Date Filters". There are no language translation defined for these values. When enabling I18n debugging, the dropdown values referred as choice 'CHC' show no choice translated values are defined in the sys_choice table.

Steps to Reproduce


1. Login as administrator.
2. On a Homepage click on 'Add Content' and add a new widget. 
3. From the Add Content select Interactive Filters > Date > Incident Opened - Single.
4. Activate any non-English language translation plugin.
5. When still in English, reload the homepage where you added the widget.
6. Check that the widget dropdown shows expected values like 'Today', 'Yesterday', 'Last week', 'Last 7 days', etc. 
7. Switch to an installed language other than English.
8. Repeat step 6 and notice the same English default values are listed.


This issue is fixed. There is no workaround applicable. Please review the Fixed In section to determine the latest available patch your instance can be upgraded to.


Related Problem: PRB1291887

Seen In

Istanbul Patch 7

Fixed In

Kingston Patch 12
London Patch 4

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