When creating a multi-level pivot report in the new report builder UI, when the aggregation is set to a dot-walked field and the report is saved, reloading the report does not retain the aggregation field that it was set to.


Steps to Reproduce

1. Go to Reports > View / Run > Create a report

2. Make sure your user preferences are switched to the new UI

3. Create a multi-level pivot report on the incident table with the below values:
Column: State
Row: Priority
Aggregation: Sum - Change Request.Business Duration

4. Save the report and reload the page

Notice that the aggregation field defaults back to the first field in the list, in this case "Business duration".


This problem was fixed in London. On earlier releases, switch to the Classic UI to avoid the issue.

Related Problem: PRB1272023

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There is no data to report.

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There is no data to report.

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