Data Table from URL definition, you can't edit the dataFields value.

Steps to Reproduce

  1. Go to /sp?id=list&t=incident
  2. Ctrl+right-click and edit widget options


"Fields" shouldn't be an option since the list view is taken from the URL and cannot be overridden


This problem has been fixed in London release and hence fields option will not be shown up in 'Data Table from URL definition' widget.

Since this widget takes the field list from mobile list layout, you can personalize the fields list via personalizing mobile list layout. Configure mobile list layout via these steps:

  1. Navigate to task.list
  2. Click on the ☰ icon at the left top corner of the list and set to "View > Mobile"
  3. Right click on column header Configure > List Layout
  4. Select the fields which you would like to show up on the widget

Related Problem: PRB1237535

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