Very Important Note: Please check if 'Application Experience' disabled and this issue is observed, look at PRB1307275/KB0715612.


Host OS: Windows Server 2012 R2
Antivirus running on Host OS: McAfee

Windows host needs 'Application Experience' to be enabled for MID server auto upgrade to work.

When MID server does auto upgrade, it fail to copy wrapper-windows-x86-64.exe, activation.jar or other files from temp to agent folder. The UPGRADE LOG section of the wrapper log is output from the temporary upgrade service, and suggests Windows and/or Antivirus software is holding on to files too long, or has them locked.


Steps to Reproduce

  1. The issue occurs intermittently. The logs above has been observed on Windows Server 2012 R2, with McAfee antivirus running.
  2. Configure the MID server to auto upgrade.
  3. Check the 'Application Experience' is enabled for the MID server auto upgrade to work.
  4. Check if he MID server service comes back up.
  5. Inspect the MID agent logs and wrapper logs.


This problem is under review and targeted as a future product enhancement.

It may be possible to get the Upgrade to finish using this process:
KB0779816 How to continue a MID Server upgrade after it has crashed in the middle of the ServiceNow Platform Distribution Upgrade service, leaving the MID Server Down and the Service not running

If that fails, then a manual upgrade may be necessary: 
KB0713557 How to manually Upgrade and/or Restore a MID server after a failed Upgrade 

To prevent this happening in future, you will also need to check and apply the configuration below:

  1. Ensure that Windows 'Application Experience' is enabled on the windows host running MID server and that the MID host was restarted after the change. KB0715612
  2. Run MID server service with an account that has local administrator privileges KB0693327
  3. Ensure that the MID server is not installed inside user profile such as desktop of administrator.

Related Problem: PRB1279578

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