Reference qualifier on reference field (e.g "Assignment group" field) on each module tables like Incident, Change etc.. refers to Task table as it is a reference field. How to classify groups as per the type (incident/change/problem etc) on every table. 


 How to achieve categorization of groups on every table (incident/change/problem etc) based on the type that you are configuring in the Group table.


Reference qualifier on the reference field (e.g "Assignment group" field)  is referring to Task table on each module tables like Incident, Change etc.. as it is a Reference field. In order to classify the groups as per the type, need to follow the below steps.


  1. Navigate to the Group table (sys_user_group.list).
  2. Filter the Group table with type contains 'incident' ( Note: type could be anything; type depends on your requirement)
  3. On the Hamburger icon, right click on the filter condition and copy the query. (this copied query will be useful in step 9)
  4. Now configure the dictionary for 'assignment group' field in Incident table. Go to create a new incident (
  5. Right click on 'assignment group' field -> configure dictionary (You can refer KB0700433 on how to define a dictionary override )
  6. Go to Related links section -> Go to Dictionary Overrides tab
  7. If you have a record with the incident table, open it. If not create a new Dictionary Overrides.
  8. On the Table field, select the Incident table.
  9. On the field, Override reference qualifier -> copy the query which you have copied in step 3
  10. Submit the form.
  11. Now go to the Incident form and click on reference qualifier icon under the assignment group field.
  12. Now you will see only the groups with type as 'incident'
  13. Repeat the steps for change and problem (as per your requirement)
  14. If you want to configure the group type as both incident and change, filter the Group table with Type contains incident and change and from the filter condition, copy the query and paste it in Override reference qualifier under Dictionary Overrides.
  15. Repeat the steps as per your requirement

Additional Information

You can refer the below KB articles for additional information

  1. KB0700682 - Configure reference qualifiers
  2. KB0700433 - Define a dictionary override

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