When a user or an admin navigates to a Performance Analytics dashboard tab, the tab may not load even after waiting.


If the dashboard tab had a sticky note, one possible cause for the tab not loading is that there is a special character in the sticky note which is not allowing the tab to load properly. Also, copy pasting content into the sticky note may cause this problem, as there may be special font characters not supported.


The user or admin can manually delete the dropzone that the Sticky Note is associated with and re-add the Sticky Note with the content after it has been revised for any special characters.

Additional Information

NOTE: Sticky Notes are not supported on Dashboards, they are only supported on Legacy Homepages. Also, if one makes a sticky note on a homepage then adds it to a dashboard then the Sticky Note should not be editable on the Dashboard.

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Last Updated:2018-10-30 10:59:16