When user set up Identity-Provider profile after enabling Multi-Provider SSO plugin on the instance, ServiceNow recommends users to test the IdP connection before activate the external authentication on the instance. If user has not completed the IdP configuration then the Active checkbox is grayed out by default and user can not activate the IdP profile. Please check below screenshot.


Starting from Jakarta release.


The reason is from Jakarta release, ServiceNow introduces a new system property named as "glide.authenticate.multisso.test.connection.mandatory". However, this property does not exist in OOB instance.

Enabling this property the system will force to test connection for the IdP profile before activation.

In the Activate UI action script as below it will check the property value to decide whether to activate the IdP profile record.

Below if condition will check the property value and if property value is true then system will force to test the IdP connection and take actions accordingly based on the test result. If property value is false then system will bypass the condition check and enable active UI action for users.

Regardless the value the property must be on the instance to pass the condition check in the UI action script.

if(GlideProperties.getBoolean("glide.authenticate.multisso.test.connection.mandatory", true))


Manually creating below system property in the sys_properties.list table on the instance.

Set the value to false so it will not be mandatory to test the IdP connections.

Name: glide.authenticate.multisso.test.connection.mandatory

Type: true | false

Value: false


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