When this problem occurs, a popup from Google Maps shows the location error message "This page can't load Google Maps correctly" and the background shows a watermark text "For development purposes only".

Steps to Reproduce

Open a form that displays Google maps, for example Critical Incidents.

Notice the error shown as in the screenshot below:

This page can't load Google Maps correctly


Please note the default key are for development ONLY. The number of google map operations are restricted. If you are faced with this problem in development, check you are only displaying a small amount of records. On production systems, a correct google account is required.

This problem is under investigation. As a workaround, create the new system property google.maps.map_page_version and set the value to "helsinki":

The workaround is to set the property google.maps.map_page_version to "helsinki"

Google Map system properties settings:

See also the related problem PRB1235648: On Google Map integration, client ID and channel parameters are not passed

Related Problem: PRB1308602

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Madrid Patch 0

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